Sunday, 4 October 2009

Yesterdays Fishing report

Yesterday was surprisingly good considering it was -2'c. We caught a total of 17 pike between the 2 boats which was even more of a surprise to me. No lunkers but two pike over 110cm and the rest Jacks of around 60-80 cm. Still, the pike are feeding up before the ice over which was encouraging. Shit 5 months of no fishing. I can see a trip to Ulf's place in a few months will be on the cards.


David Edwards said...

Yup it looks colder... nice fish!

All about the grab said...

Its was a bit nippy David,but still a lovely day out. Didn't hold much hope for the day but it turned out better than expected.

Ulf Hagström said...

Looks like you had a great day mate. You'd be more than welcome here Simon anytime!

: said...

Nice Pikes Simon!

All about the grab said...

Cheers Ulf, Maybe in the next 2 months.
Thanks Thomas, Small ones by my standards but still fantastic sport.

Andrew said...

Really great pictures. I had seen a good Australian site which provide boating and fishing services in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
are those centimeters of the metric system?
1 inch=2.5 cm
What I wondered was how come I don't see big pike on the reports while you are talking about monsters (110cm=40inch plus!)
Nice site!

All about the grab said...

Harmen-Jan I presume, I very rarely take a camera with me when I go fishing its to much of a hassle setting it up as I like to get the fish back in the water A.S.A.P. Go to the "Label cloud" in the left sidebar and click "Big Baltic pike" to see some of the fish that get caught around here and the the Baltic.

I don't need to to show the big pike always.this is a blog about pike on the fly and am just as happy catching a 30cm pike as I am a 110 pike. I also feel I don't need to have pictures of me holding big pike just to show everyone I'm a decent pike fly fishermen & hey look what I caught!!!

This island has a fishing ground of over 200 sq kilometers and probably some of the biggest pike in the world....if its your day to catch one then its your day!