Wednesday, 7 October 2009

PikeFFArticles 1 year old

383 posts

0-26144 hits (& not one my own)

Averaging 180 hits per/day

Visited by people in over 122 countries

42 500 visits on my Google maps fishing reports in just 7 months

Can now be found in the sidebar of 48 other fishing blogs.

Is also linked to 43 other none pike fly related fishing websites.

Has featured on no less than 14 none pike fly related blogs. (cheers to those that have….you know who you are! ) Statistics I never thought imaginable.

There’s been a massive pike on the fly uprising on the net this last year…which I’m sure can be attributed to the inception of PikeFFArticles. Cheers all, and I mean everyone who has, and keeps on visiting this blog.. Without you all, it wouldn’t be what it is today. A big shout goes out to Lena who has worked on it over the last year from time to time as well as my Baltic pike tours and Baltic pike flies website and designing the “Snotrockets” logo.

To Pete at (Fishing Jones), JP at (Roughfisher) thanks so much for all your help as well. To the lads at EUMER (Olli & Jaakko,Hari), Ulf, Ken, Dave (Deesox), Mcfluff, Jerry out in Colorado, James in Cedar rapids, Nic over at Deer creek, Benoit & Thomas in France., Mike (Tippetsandleaders), Wayne(Willfishforwork) Alex n Aaron (Fat guy fly-fishing), Clive n Johnothan (Fishingfury), Scott (Scotts fly-fishing blog) your all the bollocks in my eyes. To every blogger I have in my sidebar and fishing blogdom site, keep up the good work and tight lies to you all.


Unknown said...

Cheers Mate!

pikepicker said...

Thanks Si...nice work!

All about the grab said...

No....thank you Mate.....without blogs like yours I would never have started this one.

Anonymous said...

Nice man, keep up the quality work. I know ill always be a frequent visitor.

dk said...

Congratulations! Here's to many more years and pike on the fly!

David Edwards said...

Happy Birthday... 2008 was a blogging great year for us all to start our blogs!

Ulf Hagström said...

You are da man Simon, I am gonna enjoy keep visiting for a long time!

All about the grab said...

Cheers everyone for the kind words.

ChuckingFluff said...

Congratulations on 1 year, Thanks for all the great information.


: said...

Joyeux anniversaire from France!
As I said your blog is a golden mine for pike mad fly hunters that we are!
You deserve all the statistics that you've mentioned.
A bientôt Simon

dave lindsay said...

a big well done simon and things can only get better your site deserves every single hit it gets and some of the posts even bring a smile to my misrible scots face ....heres a beer for you mate

Fishing Fury said...

No worries Simon - hopefully we'll get to catch some pike together one day!