Friday, 23 October 2009

Mono vs wire

Another aspect in the sport which gets talked about within the forums is the use of wire vs heavy mono leaders when fly-fishing for pike. Since the very first day I started chucking fluff at mike, I’ve always used a wire trace. Purely because all the websites at the time stated that this was the best line of defense and offered the pike fly-fishermen the most amount of the security. However, the downfall with using wire traces is that they lack any memory, and become terribly kinked after just a few fish. Believe you me when I say I’ve used every possible type, make, brand & scenario one can think of over the years. Lets take for instance this year. I’ve replaced no fewer than 52 wire traces, which if you do your math, equates to a shit loada money, I’m throwing away. Granted I use what ever I can salvage from the old wire traces on my doubles – being the tight arse I am… not all is lost! but its just not cost effective enough.

Anyway the use of heavy mono leaders by many pike fly-fishermen has made me sit up and re-assess my set up….especially from my shooting head to the fly. So for the last 2 seasons I’ve been using a heavy 60 lb mono filament on one of my outfits. At 1st I had some trepidation, but I have to admit that having religiously alternated each day between a 60 lb mono leader and a wire trace I can honestly say that I have been very impressed with how the mono leader has stood up to the rigors of these Baltic pike, as I‘ve only replaced 12 the whole season.

Those that do already use mono leaders probably think that a 60 lb mono is a bit of an over kill, and in truth It probably is, but its stopped that nagging feeling I got when I used something smaller like 30 – 40 lb mono, to a point where I can now relax completely during a sessions fishing. Another reason why I’ve become a convert is that its drastically improved the movement of my fly as well, which “I feel” has improved the overall presentation of my fly. The more I fish with a heavy mono leader the more I’m glad I persevered through all the worry at the beginning and looks like I’m not going to be digging into my pockets as often.


M said...

Hello! I agree with you on this subject, but what i was wanting to know can you use braided lines as leaders? And i mean like Berkley Fireline and lots of others that use more often use while lure fishing.

Unknown said...

Dear Friend.

I found your wonderful website today, excellent.

May I ask what make of mono you use as a trace please?