Monday, 26 October 2009

Feathered fur streamer tutorial

Step 1

Take 6 Olive Chinese neck hackle feathers and tie 3 on either side of the hook shaft at the back near the hook bend so they are splayed facing outwards

Step 2

Make your 1st dubbing loop and place a 50mm length of brown raccoon fur zonker strip between.

Step 3

Snip of the leather strip and push fur as close to the cotton as possible.

Step 4

Twist fur onto the loop. Wet fingers and run through fur getting rid of any loose strands

Step 5

Wrap dubbin loop around the hook shaft pulling back the fur with each turn.

Step 6

Take clumps of 3 Ostrich hurl feathers and place around the hook shaft leaving the bottom free.

Step 7

Tie on 3 medium grizzly saddles to the top and sides

Step 8

Repeat steps 2;3;4;5;6

Step 7

Now take 6 thin long grizzly hackles and place around the top section of the hook

Step 9

Make one last dubbing loop and place a 60 mm length of yellow Raccoon fur between, snip leather off and spin onto the loop. Then wrap around the hook shaft. Whip finish and place a dab of head cement over the front. Stick on some eyes if wanted.


Thread: xx strong white 75D

Hook/Tube: Gamakatsu SL12 big game saltwater hook/Eumer tube
6 Olive Schlappeen feathers
Raccoon zonker fur - Brown
3 x medium Grizzly hackles
6x thin long Grizzly hackles
Yellow raccoon zonker fur


Ulf Hagström said...

Fantastic fly mate, I love it!

Iasgair said...

Wow! I'm in love with that fly :) That's the next one I'll be trying to tie (success is relative).