Monday, 12 October 2009

The Gurglebug tutorial

Step 1

Place an Olive schlappen feather over an Black schlappen – Twice, then tie on the far side of hook - repeat process yet tie this batch on the front side of the hook so they flay out from each other.

Step 2

Take a decent clump of yellow bucktail and face towards the hook. Rap a few turns around the clump then pull tightly so the hair stands out firm. Make sure the bucktail is evenly spread around the hook shaft.

Step 3

Fold back and wrap cotton directly behind the fold.

Step 4

Run the cotton down to the hook eye. Tie on some gold/Silver wired short strand garland & wrap down the length of the hook shaft. Run the cotton down over it to the back of the hook.

Step 5

Palmer on 1 Olive Marabou hairline directly behind the bucktail.

Step 6

Cut 2 bong shaped pieces of 5mm foam in different colours. I like to use similar shades to the feathers.

Step 7

Place together and tie onto the back of the hook in front of the marabou. this tie is the most important positioning as its where your final tie in point will be where the lip will stand up.

Step 8

Tie on twice leaving the front loose.

Step 9

Turn vise over and tie any small red clump of material directly under the front tying point.

Step 10

Run the cotton back along the same tie in points then fold over the foam and tie in front of the lip. Pull down with each wrap until the lip stands up. Whip finish.

Step 11

Superglue the lip together. Stick some eyes on if you want and colour patches with a permanent marker.


Ulf Hagström said...

Oh yes, this I have been waiting for! Thanks a lot for sharing mate!