Saturday, 24 October 2009

Foam frogs legs

Here's an alternative way of for frogs legs That give of a fantastic kicking action in the water.Take a 2mm - 4mm piece of foam and cut a shape out similar to this one I have used here.

These measurements are around the lengths you should be using.

Fold the feet over and place a small blob o superglue in the fold.Hold firm for a few seconds and the legs are formed.

Place a hook up turned in the vise and stick legs onto bend of hook with some superglue,then tie on securely with cotton. Whip finish and snip away. I then build a body of bucktail on the underneath of the hook. One can add front legs but at its a popper I don't bother. I have a few of these legs in a box if they get ripped to shreds which I just super glue on.

This fly is probably more suited for Bass but I've caught pike with it as well.You will miss plenty of hook ups due to the foam legs but every now and then one will stick.


pikepicker said...

Very nice Simon...thats a super use of material i like it!