Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fly Candy

I've been asked why do I leave the bucktail collar so long when I trim the head,well its purely to give more volume to the overall fly. The longer strands once wet give the fly more shape and they keep the rubber strips more compact allowing the tips of the rubber to wobble around more. Once the fly slows down the bucktail then flares out again.....Not a lot I might add, but enough to give the impression the fly is bigger than what it actually is. This train of though is not everyone's cup of tea but it works for me!


David Edwards said...

So you are spinning bucktail here rather than the more bouyant deer belly hair? And is that spanflex (the stuff you would use on buzzer bodies) that you are using??

All about the grab said...

Correct Dave,I don't often tie with Bucktail but whenever I do I like to you say SPANFLEX. I usually tie 4 strips 4 wide around the hook shaft doubled over to give me 8.Then pull them back and snip giving me a full circle of rubber slivers. placed over a ring of long bucktail they don't get caught up around the hook shaft and they give great movement to the fly.