Thursday, 15 October 2009

Win some Loose some

Last Sunday was spent with new found fishing buddy Jani. The morning couldn't have been more perfect....which was in stark contrast to the previous weekend where the wind was so strong it would have blown off the dried shit stuck to hair of an angora sheep's arse! With zero wind it gave Jani a chance to cast some bigger flies than he's been used to. We fished hard for over four hours with nothing to show for our efforts.....I know with the fishing I've had this season it was hard to swallow and I hit my fourth blank of the season. I did have a couple of follows but with water temps around 1'c - 2'c mark and having to break through the ice in some places I realised many of the pike have now moved off into deeper water for the dreaded winter.

Still a day out fishing beats a day in church!

Have to say though, four hours in +2'c water turned my bollocks into peanut shaped rattles

You can see where we fished in my google maps in the right side bar click the green marker with the dot in the middle.


WM said...

Don't say the "w" word, damn man, the older I get the harder it is to face going out into the frickin' cold to stare down a hole in the ice to get my fishing jollies.

Alas, tommorrow they are calling for maybe 60F and I'm calling in sick and dragging the boat out and getting in on what will surely be some of last comfortable casts of the season.