Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Zalt lures

Now I am definitely not endorsed by Zalt in anyway to write this short tackle review, but if you have never heard of this lure or company then maybe you should check out their website and get yourself a couple of these lures, because they have to be if not one of the best lures on the market today. Zalt was started in 1987 by Bo Olsson and Peter af Rolén & is now the most successful pike lure in Sweden.

Fly-fishing for pike is off course my 1st love but I do like to hurl the odd lure occasionally,so

with the exception of spinners, I have caught more pike with this lure than any other lure I’ve ever possessed .

When I moved here to Finland I used to have at least 4 or 5 full boxes of lures with me on the boat, but as time has gone on I now only take my trusted box of spinners and my box of Zalt 19 cm & 14 cm Lures with. Matti Hayes was right all those years back when he said that his favourite Zalt for fishing the Baltic was the Clear Blue 19 cm, and I have to agree. Its so good I have had to get my partner to hold my rod while I dived down 3m to retrieve it from a snagged branch, purely because I didn’t want to loose it.

Its design is just perfect for slow trawling and even better used as a jerk bait. Their website doesn’t show them, but they do come in numerous colours, although to be perfectly honest they say at Zalt that its not the colour that attracts the fish but the movement these Zalt lures impart while being retrieved, and what a movement it is!

For all you out in the States & Canada that have never heard of these lures or let alone use one, then do yourself a favour and get 1 or 2, it will be the best investment you will make all year.

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Musky Lures said...

You have convinced me.I have to try these soon.

All about the grab said...

They really are a top lure,I can't give them enough praises. Am surprised Zalt themselves haven't done more marketing with them in the States n Canada.