Thursday, 5 March 2009

Baltic Piking

You know everyone keeps banging on about Canada and the insane trophy pike fishing that goes on there but the Baltic sea is equally impressive as well. . I can understand why people want to go to Canada, fly in by boat plane, fish on pristine waters in remote wilderness for trophy pike, while staying at a well run lodge.......Hang on a minute, all that can be done here in the Baltic sea for half the price.....well for those living in Europe anyway!
Here are just a hand full of images taken from this winter season here in the Baltic region just to get you thinking!


Clive said...

Those are some SERIOUS pike! I'm one of those guys who always brags about Canadian pike - but these are as big, if not bigger then any Canadian pike I've ever seen!

Unknown said...

I couldnt agree more, they are real Zoo creatures !! Very impressive.

So does anyone know these areas and do you know if they were caught on the fly ?

Any info email me
Best regards