Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mastering Pike on the Fly: Strategies and Techniques - By Barry Reynolds

You know everyone I know bangs on about Ad Swiers “Passion for pike” as if it’s the Holy grail of pike fishing literature. Don’t get me wrong……there’s no question it’s a fantastic read, and I will talk about it next review, but if you are just starting out in the sport or have been fly-fishing for pike and just need a little inspiration, then the best pike fly fishing book available without a question of a doubt - "for me" - has to be, Mastering Pike on the Fly: Strategies and Techniques - By Barry Reynolds This book goes with me where ever I go. Barry truly does understand everything about Pike behavior and is evident by his writings in this book.

It covers all aspects from where to locate pike depending on what season you are fishing for them & what kind of waters you are fishing on? How & where to locate pike with regards to structures & cover. How different water temperatures effect a pikes metabolism, spawning times, as well as feeding habits and what flies to use & how to fish these flies. If you don’t improve as a pike fly-fisherman after reading this book then you should stop, and rather take up knitting instead.

Barry tells me he spends around 100 days a year targeting pike on the fly and has caught 30 pike in excess of 50 inches or 30lbs on the fly & his current personal best now stands at 54” and 37.5lbs. This book truly has been written by a true master of the sport. Thanks Barry for allowing me to use this image of you as well.

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