Thursday, 19 March 2009

Action Discs

I came across these while on my recent visit to South Africa. “Action Discs” although primarily developed for bass baits, walleye rigs, salmon lures and trolling flies a number of saltwater fly-fishermen are now using them over there, purely because they are giving the fly more movement when being stripped back. This is evident from the video footage the website has with there “Arctic fox tube flies”.Anyway I bought a packet of the small discs to try out this spring. Will see how they fare once this bloody snow & Ice melts.


dry flies and deadbaits said...

I've seen similar things for sale over here, often toyed with adding spinner blades to my flies. Im certain the vibration would help in the murky waters that are all too common in my area!

All about the grab said...

Have just ordered some Colorado propeller blades from the states Scott check this website out
seen some wicked looking pike flies with them on.will send you a picture of one tomorrow.