Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In search of Perch

The average size of perch here in the Baltic are anywhere between 800 grams – 1 lb Trust me I know I’ve caught one or two of them last year on the fly…unintentually I might add as they were taken on flies that were initially chucked out to attract a decent sized Pike.

So I’ve decided this year to dedicate a lot more time targeting Perch on the fly. This has meant tying up new perch patterns in earnest for the summer. General consensus through out the forums is one should use jig type flies for perch….Bugger! there lies my first hurdle, I don’t have or use dumbbell eyes on my flies - well very rarely that is……long story but it revolves around me ending up with a hook through my cheek….yes I was a tad over zealous when casting a heavy fly and thought I new better at the time…..twat!

Anyway most of the perch I’ve caught, have been on small Zonker or Minnow patterns anyway. Flies that have had no real weight on the front of them, off course I’ll cover all my bases and tie a selection of smallish (weighted streamers & rock knockers), but have started tying in a Tarpon/Deceiver hybrid pattern fly. I’ve taken the same principle as I would a pike fly, and tied them big, and as I use snap links on my wire traces, I’ve tried to distribute the weight more to the back of the hook with the hope that it gives the fly a more undulating movement through the water. Sure I’m going to catch my fair share of Jacks on these flies but my main aim is to attract perch of 2 lbs and hopefully bigger with them.

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Clive said...

Nice! That second last one would be deadly for pike in Ontario Canada for sure!

All about the grab said...

Cheers Clive,I'm sure I will catch my fair share of pike on them but lets hope the perch like em as well.