Friday, 13 March 2009

Kuusamo lures

A few weeks back I wrote an article about “If you could only take one fly out with for a days fishing which one would it be”? Well although this blog is primarily for those who target pike on the fly I also, every now and then fish for them with my trusted Loomis 6ft bait-caster rig outfit, if conditions are to blusterous for chucking fluff…that is!

And it got me thinking about what lure would I choose given the same proposed question, and I would have to say a large sized spinner lure.

Over the years I have (as I’m sure all of you have ) collected an untold amount of different lures. Some became favourites while others seem to have disappeared in to obscurity yet slowly but surely even my favourite lures have started to be replaced with a very handsome collection of Spinner lures & as I mentioned a few days ago the only other lures I take with me now are my trusted Zalt’s

Many of these are from the Company Kuusamo lures here in Finland. Kuusamon lures are the largest metal spoon-bait factory in Finland with the Kuusamo Professor and Räsänen models known the world over by lure fishermen. They have a fantastic collection of Spoons, Spinners & plugs all ranging in size and colours which catch more pike over here than any other manufacturers makes or models. Although the Finish side of the website is up to date they need to get their fingers out and up date the English side as its still features the 2006 range. Not that much has changed to their winning formula of designs & colours these last 3 yrs.

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Another Range of Spinners that you need to keep a look out for are from Rockstar lures coming out of Ontario, Canada. What makes these lures so special is that they are bigger and longer than normal and constructed from stronger wire than other brands at present on the market.

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