Monday, 23 March 2009

Herring or Baitfish immitation tutorial

Run your cotton base to the bend on the hook. Take a small clump of White Flash n Slinky and tie on to the end, then fold over itself and build up the cotton behind the fold. Sorry for the 1st 2 images being taken with a white background

Snip the length short.

Use what was left and repeat the process so that the next piece slightly overlaps the last.

Then tie in several strands of gold & silver fff flash on either side of the hook.

Then tie in equal lengths of light green (any colour will suffice) wig hair so they flow down either side of the fly.

Build up 2 more clumps of White flash n slinky

Then mix a decent amount of mixed gold & silver fff flash onto the top of the hook. Fold over itself and build up the cotton behind the fold… so.

Add 2 more clumps of the White flash n slinky

To finish of the fly first tie in a clump of black wig hair onto the top and then a clump on either side of the hook to give it lateral lines.

Trim to finish it off.


Ganmakatsu Sl12s Big Game saltwater hook

FFF flash Silver + FFF flash Gold

Green wig strands

Black wig strands

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Anonymous said...

Great fly Simon, I bet this looks fantastic in the water!