Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fly-fishing for big pike - By Alan Hanna

You know there are thousands upon thousands of books, magazines, articles & Blogs all dedicated to fly-fishing for trout & Salmon....God knows why!. Every book store's fishing section is overflowing with the bastards, yet there are only a handful of books written specifically for those that either target pike on the fly or for those maybe interested in taking up the form. Anyway I need to free up space in my sidebar so I've deleted my "Favourite books Amazon widget" and decided to go though each book........(well there are only six of them) for you over the next week or so. The first will be "Fly fishing for big pike - by Alan Hanna.

This was the 1st Book on Pike fly-fishing I ever read and if anyone can be credited with starting me in the sport, then it has to be Allan Hanna. It’s certainly not the best book out there with regards to targeting pike on the fly but the book does cover some aspects of the sport from the tackle needed to where and how to fish for Esox lucius. I have to add though that it was written towards a specific technique of fishing he uses by combining slow sinking intermediate lines with buoyant flies….. If you are able to get it as well, it does comes with a very well presented 96 min video (not sure about the DVD version) called “Fly fishing for Big pike in Ireland” which includes fly tying tutorials, casting techniques, fly line set up, pike recipes and some wonderful pike on the fly footage from Ireland.
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