Wednesday, 18 March 2009

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The growing debate over here in Europe within the pike fly-fishing fraternity regarding the use of heavy mono or wire traces seems to be hotting up. The general consensus that I have been reading within most of the pike fly-fishing forums around the world is split down the middle. There are those who have used wire traces since starting the sport……me included, that either wont change a winning formula or are reluctant to try something different and there are those that have used wire traces for many years but have recently………….well in the last 2 yrs that is! changed over to using very heavy mono filament and are full of praises towards its attributes…….Okay its been around for a long time, but if all our top fishing celebrities have fed us this opinion that one should always use a wire trace on the business end of your line then off course you are going to get those that will always buck the system and try something different. I’ve always been happy with a short wire trace especially with the confidence & security that comes with using one but I’m also willing to try other systems as well, especially if its going to improve my days fishing. I suppose this is why I love to fish for pike on the fly due to the constant evolution of the sport.

To be truthful I have mixed opinions on this topic, On one side I’m happy using a wire trace due to the security it affords me, yet it lacks very little memory and so I have to change these traces regularly due to them ending up kinked……Bugger!, yet stiff Mono retains its memory but has a greater chance of being bitten through…….well when I mean bitten through I mean scoring itself against those extremely sharp teeth Mike has, thus chaffing it and ultimately weakening its structure. What is promising to read though from many of these converts is that using a heavy Mono 100 lb – 120 lb seems to last a lot longer……A whole season in some cases……..mmmmm interesting!

Anyway with this in mind I will be using a heavy mono filament trace 120 lb b/strain this year on one of my intermediate lines just to see what all the fuss is about……Am sure that once I hook into 10 kg pike I will be going through all the stresses that goes with the unknown of using a different set up though.


dry flies and deadbaits said...

I reckon heavy mono traces would be a big advantage in clear waters, im certain the trace puts off all but the hungriest pike. I just don't have the balls to make the leap and fish without one haha

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

I also fall into that category Scott, but will try it out this spring anyway.

David Edwards said...

Interesting this one... I'm like a stick of rock... cut me at any point and you'll see wire trace running through me. I'm a firm believer in steel braid which doesn't kink and is knotable. I may be wrong but I think their is too much going on in the pike's head to worry about the trace... when they see the fly and they are feeding they have only one thing on their mind.... KILL!