Monday, 15 August 2011

Rudolf 'n Prancer

I've had my eye on these two Reindeer pelts lying in the lounge for a couple of years now and was pleasantly suprised to hear that they were no longer welcome back in the house. As a dry fly material for small Caddis type flies its fantastic but I've never seen it applied to Pike flies although I did fish with it on smaller clousers when I was back in South Africa a couple of years ago.

Generally the fur is too short for long streamers but if your lucky the neck area of a reindeer can hold some extremely long strands. These clumps I cut have hair around 6" inches/150mm which are perfect for my pike flies.
I've tied a number of flies up recently using the Hollow fleye method. This one is a combination of Reindeer,Orange bucktail and several strands of fine pearl tinsel. I do have reservations to the longjevity these flies might have due to the super fine hair snapping while casting, but to be honest as long as they catch me a couple of fish then they'll have served their purpose and well worth the effort that was put into them.


Jeff said...

If you don't have any luck catching pike on them send a few my way. They are sure to catch stripers.

All about the grab said...

Whats your address Jeff and I'll send you some over mate?