Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wiggle tails update

Over the last month I've fished with these wiggle tails a hell of a lot and if anything I can't argue they haven't hindered me in any way from catching fish. This one is rather crude in its construction .I first tied and then Bugbonded a black wiggletail to the end of a 100mm length of rabbit zonker, and tied that to a back of a hook. Added a clump of white bucktail then a clump of reindeer fur. Several strands of pearl fine tinsel. Then wrapped a small strip of black raccoon zonker around the hook shank then finished of the fly with some Chartreuse UV Polar chenille. A simple nast fly but has caught me a number of fish this week.

Some proof that theses wiggle tails do catch fish from Paolo himself. Its looking more and more like I will be stocking these in my shop in various sizes and colours in the near future for people to buy.