Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fly Candy

Another variation of baitfish using reindeer fur,bucktail and artificial wool. I started by tying on a couple of clumps reindeer & white bucktail hollow fleye stylie. Then added three grizzly microbarb saddles. then a couple more clumps of reindeer fur. Then twenty or so strands of super fine pearl tinsel followed by three white microbarb saddles. Then added a couple more clumps of bucktail.

For the head on this one, I alternated overlapping one & a half inch clumps of olive & brown artificial wool. If your not going to trim the head with a razor blade, you need to taper each clumps end, then spread out and slide over the hook point allowing it to butt up against the last tie off point. tapering the clumps allows complementing colours to blend together once you've combed it through.

The eyes were salvaged from an old teddy bear and have been epoxied together. Crimping the eyes onto Wool or artificial wool heads like this gives a much thinner profiled head which inturn gives the fly a more side to side jerk bait action.