Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Spinner leaders

Made up three new spinner leaders last week in varying lengths. Purists might frown apon this method but as I mentioned last season I'd rather have a spinner blade running along my wire trace than have one attached to the actual hook of the fly. I've found these tiny spinner blades are most effective during the warm summer months when a faster than normal retieve is needed. I'm not sure they give off all that much vibration but they sure do add an extra attractive flash to the front of the fly.


Unknown said...

Looks interesting,how about casting those ?


All about the grab said...

They are so small Juha you truly dont feel them during casting.If anything they actually help load the line slightly better. They also give the fly a little weight to the front so once the fly stops between long roly poly strips it pulls the fly down giving the fly a more wounded fish action.

use the smallest spinner blades you can salvage off some old perch spinners if your local fly shop doesn't stock them.

they can also be used with your tube flies.Just remember to add a small bead on either side of the blade so it butts up against the front of the tube.