Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fly Candy

I've been playing around with the packet of wiggle tails that was so kindly given to me by Giorgio before he left last month. Although loosley based on a diver pattern I'm going to be fishing this with an intermediate line below the surface in the autumn rather than a floating line. I started by attaching the tail to the extension clip at the back of the hook.This I found a little tricky due to the flexiblility of the wire connector and also applying a couple of half hitches around the tail whilst still holding onto the cotton bobbin. I then took one decent pencil thick clump of Olive bucktail and ran it around the whole hook shaft and splayed it out.

Then followed that up with a clump of black bucktail. Then added a collar of natural deerhair and then added tightly packed spun a deerhair hair balls all the way down to the hook eye. Trimmed with a razor for the desired head shape and stuck a couple of eyes on for good measure. One needs to keep the overall body length short when using these wiggle tails so it doesnt hinder the movement of them under the water. I have been playing around with attaching them to a 4 inch length of wire to the back of the hook which has allowed me to extend the overall length of the fly but I'm not sure how that will affect the movement of the fly when having to cast it.