Friday, 12 August 2011

Wiggle tails update

On top of testing the new bendback hightie flies, I've also been putting the new wiggle tails through their paces the last week and a half and I have to say they certainly haven't hindered my fishing in anyway. If anything they've improved the overall fish tally for each session considerably for this time of the year. Whether this is because of the colour of the fly or because I've been fishing in low light condition earlier in the mornings and later in the evening I can't say. watching these wiggle tail flies being fished by others a month ago, is very different to fishing them yourself. With water clarity here at a premium at th mo, even in very low light condition these tails stick out like a pork chop in a synagogue. They give off a lot of vibration and sparkle and seem to get the pike well interested. Anyway with this one I started by tying on a red flash wiggle tail directly onto the back of the hook.Then added a couple of clumps of white deerhair and finished the fly off with a dubbing brush loop of red arctic fox tail fur. Total length 90mm.
This one is slightly different in its construction.I first attached a silver holographic wiggle tail to one end of a 3 inch piece of wire. then attached the wire to the back of the hook. This was to be able to extend the overall length of the fly. I then added clumps of Olive and cream bucktail down the hook shaft,just long enough so they wouldn't hinder the movement of the wiggle tail. Then added twenty or so strands of flouro chartreuse fine tinsel. Then a couple more shorter clumps of olive & cream bucktail then added a dubbing brush loop of yellow raccoon zonker fur to the front. Then finished off the fly with several wraps of olive polar UV Chenille. Over all length 140mm. I must say casting these wiggle tails sounds very much like casting one of my condom flies but they can still be cast the same length as a normal fly could. I'm not sure the the length of the extended tail wire needs to be 3 inches and will probably cut an inch off for the next fly I tie up using these tails just to see whether it improves the aerodynamics of the fly through the air. Stay tuned for more updates! have an awesome weekend everyone.