Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fly Candy

With this woolhead version I started by tying on 6 grizzly yellow/olive schlappen to the back of the hook.Then added two clumps of reindeer hollow fleye. Then a clump of olive bucktail then a clump of cream bucktail.

Then added fifteen or so strands of pearl fine tinsel and one last clump of Olive bucktail. Then tapered a decent 2 inch clump of artificial olive wool,combed out the excess and tied on three quarters around the hook shaft. As I mentioned yesterday if your going to be trimming the head like I've done with this one, there's no need to taper the clumps of wool.Just tie them on as tightly packed as you can until the hook eye.

I'm stoked with the overall shape & colour of this fly as it looks very much like a small pike imitation in the water. The reindeer and feather combo has unbelievable movement under the surface and it darts erratically from side to side. Super light to cast and has a total length 160mm.


Hartman said...

Really nice, as usual. Those heads will certainly push some water, too.

Pat Cohen said...

Very nice wool

All about the grab said...

Cheers lads!
Dave: yes they do push a lot of water and give plenty of movement for the trailing materials behind the head. This fly has more of a dipping action than the other two due to the shape of the head I trimmed. The one below this has a real side to side action because of the tightly crimped eyes I stuck on the head.

Pat: Have to agree whole heartedly with you. I don't tie with it often enough but have seen many advantages with having wool or artificial variants over the last two seasons while out fishing. The only downside ....if any, is the water retention issue.