Monday, 22 August 2011

Fly Candy

Been playing around with some clumps of artificial wool the last week or so given to me by my mate. I prefer this material over real wool for a number of reasons. It costs a 5th of the price, retains less water thus making the fly lighter to cast and is surprisingly easier to work with when moulding the material around the hook shaft as well as trimming with a razor blade. There is nothing wrong with wool, I just like to find alternative materials that aint going to burn a hole in my pocket. I started with tying on 6 or 7 clumps of reindeer hair hollow fleye along the hook shaft. added ten or so strands of pearl fine tinsel.

Then added different thickness sized inch and a half clumps of olive & brown around the hook shaft and folded back over itself until the hook eye. Trimmed with a razor blade then stuck a couple of eyes on with some zap n gap glue.

Total length 150mm.