Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fly Candy

More from Rudolph & Prancer. This one I started by tying on a thick clump of reinder hair to the back of the hook.Added a green grizzly microbarb saddle to either side.Then some pearl flash and then three or four clumps of reindeer tied on hollow fleye style.

The red is arctic fox tail fur and the head is Olive bucktail.

This fly is 98% made from reindeer. I just added one tiny clump of chartreuse bucktail and also one of Olive through out the tie.


Jeff said...

Very nice. A few stripers might make the trip across the ocean for them. What hook are you tying them on?

All about the grab said...

Posted them for you today Jeff and they're tied onto Partridge ultimate predator hooks 3/0 mate.