Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Visions "Big Daddy" pike rod

If there is one thing I know, and that is the staff at Vision do a lot of pike on the fly, and are damn good at it too. This was evident when they won the tournamnet I put on last year. Here is a proper fly fishing company that knows what is needed when developing a pike fly specific rod. Vision Big Daddy rods are great choice for casting the big, air resistant flies. Their powerful medium fast action is forgiving and pleasant when casting but they have brutal power for fighting the monster size pike.

As a four piece rods they are easy to pack when you’re traveling. These 9 foot rods are made for line weights #8 (recommended head weight 19g), #9 (recommended head weight 21g) and #10 (recommended head weight 23g). These rods are not recommended for conservative anglers because of their bold colour which comes in a kinda olive green with yellow trim. Vision have also developed "Big Daddy" lines for this 4 piece as well, but more on that tommorrow. My Baltic pike tours will have a couple of these for clients to test while out on my boat this coming season & I'm also seriously considering stocking this rod and their lines in my fly shop from the spring.


Djuza said...

Lucky you.
I have waited to get my hands on this rod,still have to wait before it comes to stores.
Have a feeling that this one could be a real challenge for my Hardy rod.


carbon copy pro said...

Is it so good Djuza? Never tried any vision..