Saturday, 8 January 2011

Fly Candy

Some more surf candy going to a good home. Have used these same simple designs for many years to great succes especially when I lived in Durban. The only difference then was I used 5min epoxy instead of bug-bond.


Jota said...

Hi Simon,
Cool flies! Do you bend the hooks for the first ones or hooks are already bended?
I ask this because I do not like to bend hooks, I never achieve that task very well...
Nice week-end!
José Barbosa

All about the grab said...

Yes I bend the hooks Jose. Not much but just enough for materials. prefer fishing with them in shallow waters over reefs and sandbanks.

Jota said...

Thank you Simon.
I'm waiting for the end of this month to try some flies in the sea near my house (15 kms). And some flies tied clousers style or like those one's look good.