Monday, 24 January 2011

Fly Candy

My Replot stinger was probably my favourite fly to fish last season so I've tied 30 or so more up for myself and visiting clients this coming season. I just wish I could write more about fishing than show flies all the time. Anyway I've just acquired a new HD Hero and will be filming a lot this coming season and going through many of the techniques that work well for me here on the Baltic. Am sure these flies will feature throughout!


Jyri Kivioja said...

Hi Simon! If you need some help with filming the fishing, we have two more HD heros as well. Actually I was fishing with Leo and Kari last weekend and we have GoPro with us. I'll try to get some clips to our Ruoto-blog soon. Man that's great little gadget!

Take care. -Jyri

Djuza said...

Hi Simon.
The Replot stinger was also mine favourite at last season,and yes,I would also rather write about fishing for variation but still have to wait couple of months.