Friday, 14 January 2011

Fly Candy

Was recently asked by a french fly company to tie up a range of different coloured Rattle n Hums for them to sell in their shop. To be honest I've been meaning to add something similar to my shop for sometime and after seeing how well these came out I most certainly will. Once they've been tied I'll let you know the companies name and where you can get some of these from.This on has an orange slinky striped tail ,a sprig of yellow bucktail collar and fluoro yellow raccoon head.

Sea blue slinky striped tail with a turquoise collar and raccoon head

They wanted a perch pattern so I used electric yellow/white/olive and black slinky for the tail. Marked some stripes. Added a yellow collar of bucktail with an olive raccoon head.

This one has a black slinky tail with a fluoro yellow bucktail collar and chartreuse raccoon head.

This has a striped shrimp pinked slinky tail. White bucktail collar with black raccoon head. Allthough I strictly limit the number of wholesale accounts I service, I occasionally accept new ones. If your shop is looking for top quality pike or saltwater flies to stock in your own specific colour range then contact me.


Jota said...

Wooow! Very nice ties!!!