Saturday, 22 January 2011

Funky fiber fly Candy

A while back I was sent a batch of Funky Fiber through the post by "Funky flytying" owner Toby Merigan. Even though I prefer naturals over synthetics, its alway nice to try and tie with different products. Funky fiber is a lot courser than say Mirror image and so I found blending different colours together a tad more time consuming & tricky. The upside is that its extremely light and water retention doesn't even become a factor when casting flies with the stuff.

I'm sure at some stage in the up and coming season I'll be flapping these out on a stretch of water somewhere around the island. Anyway click the logo or links to visit funky fly tying webshop!


Jose said...

Hello Simon!
The colors are awesome!!
I do not want to repeat myself but your ties are very very nice, as usual!!
Nice week-end!
José Barbosa