Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mike Small's Flies

Here'a great example of what a pike/musky fly should be doing for you under the water. This is why so many of my flies I fish with have trailing tails of microbarb saddles,Icelandic sheep hair,Tinsel flash, Feathers and sometimes goat hair. Although its Dan Small giving the demonstration,His brother Mike is the architect behind these flies which were developed last spring and come with names such as "The Lollypopper $17,95", "The Vampire $24,95" & "The Rainbow leech $27,95" and can be baught from their shop "Dan Small outdoors".


Clif said...

I need a tank like that in my basement.

Jabala said...

Hi Simon,

Yeah, that fly has some nice chunky profile, a lot of movement under water and a nice vertical action.

Fly fishing for pike is a funny sport, the more you fish, the less you know about it. At least that's how I feel. Sometimes that jigging vertical movement is the key to success, sometimes a wacky sliding side-to-side action is the way to go. Occasionally the fly shouldn't have a movement at all.

In a very shallow water, the vertical movement should be the most visible, as the pike is in the same depth with the fly.

In deeper water, side-to-side movement should be well visible, as the victim is viewing the fly from beneath.

Well, that's the only thing that can be viewed theoretically, everything else is depending on Mike the pike and therefore, it is as random as it gets.

Dan Small said...

Simon: Thanks for the mention. I'll be showcasing more of Mike's flies this weekend at the Milwaukee Muskie Expo (www.muskieexpo.com) - that's where Steve Worrall of www.muskiefirst.com shot that video last year.

All about the grab said...

Your welcome Dan,no worries,have a good show.