Thursday, 20 May 2010

Kvarken international pike fly tournament

Mike Green....What can I say except I am truly happy to have me this true gentelman of the sport. I had the pleasure of skippering him for one of the days during the tournament and how quickly the day went. He was partnered by Guy Eldridge and between them they outfished all of the young guns. Watching him chuck fluff was sheer poetry in motion. He didn't get into any big ones during his time over here but was chuffed with this 75cm pike none the less. Mike Thanks for the great stories and polishing of the whiskey me old son! Looking forward to having you back next year with family n friends.

Harmen-Jan here with a modest pike of around 70cm. This is another chap I'd been looking forward to skippering and between him and Erik they boated 25 fish for the day. all around the 75 - 85cm bracket. I know next year they will be well up for returning with a different game plan and hopefully some smaller flies than the monster 45 cm ones they brandished in their boxes. They did their sponsors proud.Thanks for the laughs and great times Harmen-Jan.

Sander van der Wal....another fantastic fly fisherman and couldn't be more relaxed if you asked him. Between himself and Henk-Jan I spent a fantastic few hours that will go down in my books as a ripper of a session. Caught pikes were celebrated with large swigs from a Captain morgans bottle and discussions about a specific hook most Dutch pike fly fisherman swear by........its shit!


Unknown said...

Simon/or anyone else - Any idea what reel it is Sander is boasting in this pic? Looks killer imo.

The Dutch Four said...

Ofcourse I know what reel it is... Or maybe I had to many Captain Morgans...
It is a Vosseler, one of the sponsors we are very glad to have.

But hey Simon, this reports put me blushin'
Ciao, Arubaman