Thursday, 6 May 2010


More baitfish hybrid patterns for the summer months. These two variations are tied with mirror image. A material I'm slowly coming to enjoy more & more. Its probably one of the best materials on the market for tying this kind of fly,purely because of the extra movement it gives off when under the water. I tied this same pattern with slinky fiber and was able to show the differences in quality between the two in the test pool in Helsinki.

This fly is best used with an intermediate line using short sharp strips with decent pauses in between. For pike flies I've found that to get the best out of the material tie your flies around 160mm long. If you pinch the material up wards when sticking on your eyes it raises the profile of the fly slightly thus giving a little more surface area to allow for better movement. This is a Herring hybrid pattern.

As you've probably noticed I like to combine different materials on my flies. By adding a small sprig of raccoon fur for the under belly/chin I'm hoping to give a little more movement to the fly. Not much but maybe just enough to entice a pike into taking the fly. This one is more of a Rainbow trout pattern.


Milos Lazarevic said...

The spotted one gave me a great idea! Great flies Simon.

Btw, is that mirror image material something similar to Ep Fibers? Or is it more stiff like, for example, hareline Ice Fur?

All about the grab said...

Its a much softer and finer material than EP fiber Milos.