Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day 1 of the tournament

Day one of the tournament and its been a tough couple of days fishing, yet has produced a few good sized fish.Conditions haven't been easy in that there is not a hell of visibility due to murky waters and the pike are either spawning or just finished.

Today saw the Dutch take an early lead with a few 80 cm fish and some smaller jacks.

While the day goes to the Fins with Tuomas Rutknonen bagging the 1st of 2 fish over 100 cm with this one at 102cm.
And this one at 112 cm 10 minutes before the clock rang for the end of the 1st days fishing

Finland lead with England second and the Dutch 3rd. I'll write a more extensive report tomorrow as I'll have more time to spend on the internet.

During yesterdays practice day I managed to chuck some fluff for a few hours with the Pikesaber and managed this 6.2kg pike and my 1st pike of the season. Chucking large wads of fluff was a real struggle in the wind and I battled with this girl far longer than I should have. I found the rod extremely soft and just couldn't give it the welly I would have liked. At times I became quite frustrated because the loop to loop connections from my fly line to my shooting head just wouldn't pass through the top 3 eyes and literally gave up trying to cast into the wind when the situation arose.

Not an easy pike to fish for in a small rubber inflatable I can tell you.

This is what the tournament is about........Catch,photo, release!
As I mentioned there will be a more in depth report tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice Cucumbers you caught there!

Wish I was there chucking fluff, with some luck maybe Thursday!

Tight lines!


Danny said...

Sounds like a good time regardless. Wish I could be there to represent Canada. I was pretty pooped the day after my first outing too spending 11 hours in wind with my 10wt.
Bring it home Simon!

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you had fun no matter what the haul was. I think you had your hopes really high perhaps. It didn't seem to be a disappointing day at all to me. It wouldn't be a tournament if the crew didn't have to show their skill.

Sorry to hear the Psaber was soft. hmmm.

Have a great day tomorrow. And if possible post up some video.



David Edwards said...

I know that you have put a lot of hard work into this Si... well done! I'm sure everyone will go home with great memories...


Milos Lazarevic said...

Great photos Simon and congratulations for successful tournament. Looking forward for another report. Wish I was there.

Thomas said...

First day and a lovely 112 cm! Nice start!!
Hope everything is doing the way you've wanted.
Have a fantastic tournament.