Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kvarken International Pike fly tournament

During copius quantities of rum and whiskey on Saturday evening I offered to take Sander & Henk-Jan out for one last session before they left at 10h00 the next day for the airport and what a 3 hour session we had. To be truthful I was surprised they looked as fresh as they did when we got to the boat jetty. A 15min boat trip to a spot they had been fishing the day before turned out to be one of the best 3 hour sessions of Pike fly fishing I have ever experienced in my life. Pike were literally breaching themselves out of the water in front of the boat as we arrived. The anchor was dropped and for the next 2 hours all hell broke loose. 8 fish were caught all above 85cm with this one being 106cm and we lost another 4 or 5 close to the boat as well......Video footage of me loosing one big mother fucker to a dodgy hook.....I'm sure will feature on the Dutch fours blog in the next couple of weeks.

A truly memorable fishing session that will live with me for ever. Cheers for the ride Sander & Henk-Jan it was emotional!


Jeff said...

Times like this keep you coming back. How much does a fish like that weigh?

All about the grab said...

18 - 20 lb's post spawn but in autumn maybe 23lbs Jeff.

The Dutch Four said...

Hey Simon,

About the video footage: well, ehhh...., I kinda lost my Panny camera somewhere between Vaasa Airport and Amsterdam(n) Airport. If it will not be found, no sweat: Sander and I will then personally replay that scene, just to make sure that this already memorable moment in the world of pike fly fishing will never ever be forgotten.

gr. Henk-Jan

Milos Lazarevic said...

That's a great fish Simon!



Anonymous said...

Thats one huge pig of a pike!

Congrats on catching that one!