Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pike tube flies

I've had a lot of pike fly-fishermen get hold of me over the last year with regards to tying pike tube flies. You can construct exactly the same flies as you would on to a hook yet they last twice as long. As David from the Deesox blog was saying the other week "Its a bit concerting at first seeing your fly slide up the line as you think the hook hasn't set and had come out of the pike mouth". I'm sure within the next year I will have completely changed over to tying at least 80% of my flies onto tubes. One doesn't need to use well known brands to construct your flies either. Ear bud tubes, model aircraft fuel tubing will suffice. Anyway here is a simple pike tube fly produced by Eumer. I tie mine slightly different in that I tie the raccoon strip towards the back of the tube then either wrap a short strip around it or dubbing loop some fur on.This allows me to use a shorter section of tube than in this tutorial.