Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Since moving here to Replot I've had to change my tactics slightly especially If I'm spending a day wading. I'm generally fishing in water depths between 60cm and a meter & a half. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fishing from a boat, but I'm more happier waist deep in water. It does have it's downfalls in that your not able to get as much distance with each cast, but on a whole there is something about playing a fish half submerged in water.

Anyway I have been tying some poppers that I can use with one of my slow sinking intermediate lines in shallow water conditions. Getting the the right mix of materials so as to balance the popper so it just stays just below the surface of the water has been challenging. I was given some foam popper heads a couple of months back to try out and at 40mm long I had to use some long shanked 6/0 hooks from Fulling mill,which I wasn't to thrilled about. With this one I painted glue over the popper head then sprinkled fine green glitter over it.stuck a couple of eyes on and then Bug-bonded over that. The main body is a mix of white bucktail, Chartreuse goat hair. Strands of light green flashaboy with a red UV polar chenille collar.

I used red fine glitter with this head and used the same process. The body is a combination of large Hot orange grizzly saddles,White Icelandic sheep hair.Some strands of holographic Xmas tinsel followed by Black UV polar chenille collar.


Anonymous said...

where do u find the icelandic sheep hair?

All about the grab said...

In Iceland!

I get it here in Finland.Will be stocking it in once I get stock at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Grejt!!! hope u have a nice clean pikeflyfishing stock of things later! ive been looking around in sweden , but i cant seem to find any!