Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fly Candy

This is one fly I'm really looking forward to using.Orange for some reason is one of those colours that did surprisingly well for me last season. This tied with Hot orange mirror image with black trim for a lateral line and some black raccoon for under its chin.

On another note it has come to my attention that a "supposed prominent" pike fly fisherman in the UK has been slagging of my flies to people as well as through some of the forums stating that they are shit and fall apart after using them only once. Not only have I never sold this chap any of my flies but he has never used them in his life. All I have to say is things always have a funny way of turning round and biting you back and will be the downfall of this fella......nuff said!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, staggered across your site looking for a review of the SA Mastery Pike/Musky taper lines. I'll definitely be putting an order in once the store 'opens' on May 17. Baltic Pike Flies looks great and I will be passing it around over here in Canada-land. If your flies fish as nice as they look, I think your site is going to explode.