Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No 50

No 50 so far for the season. I'ts been a period of ups n downs for me these last 2 weeks. By this time last season I had doubled this tally but with the winter we've just had and temps dropping drastically since last week it feels like I've had to grind every pike out. I've tried different flies,rigs,retrieves and even added small spinner blades to my leaders for extra attractors yet the pike seem reluctant to snaffle my fluff.Most have been hooked in the front of the lower or upper jaw depending on which way the hook is facing, which says to me they are still in post winter mode. Things can only get better though.


Jeff said...

Do you count them any size? We seem to catch a lot of very small ones here and rarely ones about the size you are holding or larger.

Harmen-Jan said...

Hi Simon,

Did you find your chestpack?? or is the one i see on this pic a different one than that you lost in Merikarvia??

greetings HJ

All about the grab said...

Thought I told you Harmen-Jan it was under my matress with Steves stripping basket.Wondered why I had a few night uncomfortable sleep.

Jeff, Yes I count even the 25 cm fish as well.A fish is a fish mate and I'm just as happy catching a tiny jack as I am a lunker.