Thursday, 10 September 2009

Why should this happen

"RAYMOND - Fisherman Mark Patoine of Raymond caught a 38-inch, 25-pound northern pike on Panther Pond on Monday.Pike, which were introduced to the region within the last decade, are considered an invasive species. Experts say the pike population has the potential to explode rapidly, eating everything else in the lake, from turtles to ducks to salmon, threatening many other species.

Anglers are encouraged to catch all the pike they want on Sebago and surrounding lakes, as long as they do not release them back into the water." What I cant understand is why introduce a species in the 1st fucking place,only to try and eradicate it later on?


Shawn Campbell said...

The DNR, the ones requesting that the pike not be released, aren't the ones that stocked the fish. Fishermen that thought they knew what they are doing released they illegally. In Maine waters they out compete native fish and cause a ton of problems.

All about the grab said...

One only needs to read this article to get a better understanding about Pike and their importance in Rivers and closed water like lakes.

WM said...

That sounds like something region one fish and game in Montana would do.

Pike are awesome fish but like all the rest of the fish, they have their place.