Wednesday, 16 September 2009

"The Bob Marley"

I used a slightly different combination of materials when I was primarily fly fishing in saltwater but have been using this pattern now for around 5 years since moving to Finland. Yesterday I caught 2 perch with it and only last week when I visited Merikarvia did I catch my 1st Merikarvia rainbow trout with it. I gave it the name "The Bob Marley" purely because he's the king of Reggae and I listen to plenty of it when I'm out fishing. Its also great salty fly for Stripers, Pollock, Trevalley,Trout, Salmon you name it.

Step 1:

This fly can be tied either on hook or tube. Run your cotton along the length of the thin tube and back to half way

Step 2:

Cut an 8 mm strip of white raccoon zonker fur and tie on

Step 3:

Turn vise upside down and tie on a small clump of pearl angel hair

Step 4:
Directly after the white raccoon tie on a dumbbell eye any size.Here I used large.

Step 5:

Turn vise back over and then tie on a 120 mm microbarb grizzly saddle

Step 6:

Directly after that tie a small clump of brown Raccoon fur on.

Step 7:

Tie on your second microbarb grizzly saddle (This one only 80 mm long)

Step 8:

Turn vise over again and tie on a very small amount of red arctic fox fur.

Whip finish and add a dab of head cement to finish off

Alternatively,one can replace the dumbbell eyes with two grizzly variant neck hackle and finish off with a conehead like in these two examples.

Click images for a larger view.


James O Durbin II said...

I thought maybe it's cause it looked like you were smoking when you tied it.