Monday, 28 September 2009

The Little Wizard

This fly I call the "Little Wizard and is a great all round Salt & fresh water fly. I used something similar while in Australia fly fishing for Queenie's. We used white bucktail instead of the white Raccoon fur Ive used here.This weekend I've had a few Perch on it, but I know the lads down in Merikarvia have had a few Rainbow trout with it last weekend.

Step 1:

Slide a 10 mm bigger tube over a small tube towards the end. All tying will be done on the smaller tube. Then run a length of cotton along the small tube up to the bigger tube then back 8mm.

Step 2:

Cut a 5mm strip of white Raccoon fur and tie on from where you had stopped with the cotton

Step 3:

Turn vise upside down and tie on a small clump of pearl angel hair

Step 4:

Turn vise back over and tie on a small clump of Chartreuse pseudo hair

Step 5:

Cut a 5 mm strip of Olive raccoon fur. Snip fur from leather and tie on in front of the Chartreuse pseudo hair

Step 6:

Palmer on 2 Chartreuse grizzly variant neck hackles on

Step 7:

Whip finish and add a dab of head cement to it. Slide a silver cone over the tube to finish of. This fly can be tied onto hooks as well.