Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Red Baron Double

"The Red Baron Double " Has been catching me plenty of snotrockets this season. I tie it in a variety of different colours Red/White; Blue/white; Blue/Black; Red/Black. Its an extremely light fly and has a fantastic wavy wiggly motion through the water. The tail hook can be tied in either facing upwards or facing down...I just prefer mine facing upwards. What I like about this fly is that although you have 2 hooks 70% of the pike I have caught have been hooked by the trailing tail. Anyway here's the tutorial if anyone is interested in tying one up.



Turn hook 2/0 over and place in vise. Tie on a 5mm red arctic fox zonker strip near the back and then a 10 mm black raccoon zonker strip .

Step 2:
Turn vise over and then tie on a 10 mm black Raccoon zonker strip on the other side. This will be the bottom side

Attaching the tail:

Step 3:

Take tail out and place hook 6/0 in the vise. Halfway down the hook tie on the wire piece. Cut length 80mm & slide a small plastic tube over the wire.

Step 4:

Slide wire through the tail hook eye and slide back through the plastic tube and then tie the loose end onto the hook. Make sure the hook point is facing upwards.


Step 5:

Tie on a 10 mm black raccoon zonker strip in the middle of the hook.

Step 6:

Palmer on 1 red marabou hairline

Step 7:

Take 2 strands of red crystal mirror flash and tie on either side of the hook shaft. Then tie on top of the hook a 5 mm black raccoon strip and the same underneath. Whip finish & add some head cement.

Step 8:

Add eyes…..although not necessary. I have been using this same design in an array of different colours this season, and have caught plenty without the eyes on.


Tail - Any size 2/0 hook

Arctic fox zonker strip (Red)

Raccoon zonker strip (Black)

1 Red Marabou hairline feather

Loop pike wire size 10

plastic tubing small diameter hole

Thread: Uni Thread 6/0 black

Eyes size 2

Diamond clear head cement