Friday, 18 September 2009

Fly Candy

"The Little Ned" is the name I've given this small fly. When I lived in South Africa I used a similar pattern to target Green Elf/Shad or Tailor in Australia and they were very productive. Ive changed a few features with this fly by adding a short strip of white Raccoon fur for a fuller body and also tied them onto tubes instead. The Chartreuse/Black combo and funnily the Pink/Black combo have been catching me perch regularly but, the Pink/Black & Red/Black flies have been hitting blanks. Not sure why as Red/White and black coloured flies have been particularly productive here on the Baltic this season. Materials used - Bucktail,Raccoon fur and a splash of tinsel flash.Anyway I've done a tutorial for this fly which I'll post Monday. Have a great weekend everyone. Click images for a larger view.