Monday, 21 September 2009

The Little Ned tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the "The Little Ned" I promised. A very simple tie and a quite effective saltwater freshwater pattern.

Glue a small 8mm length larger tube over 30mm inner tube

Tie on a 5 mm strip white raccoon fur then tie on 8-12 strands red krinkle flash in front. Snip so they just hang over the raccoon tail

Take a decent clump of black bucktail face towards the hook eye or front of tube. rap a couple of turns of thread pull tight then fold back over itself. Crimp between fingers so hair stays either to the top and bottom of hook or tube.

Repeat step 3 except with a bright colour. Here I used red.

Whip finish and add a dab of head cement. slide cone over tube,if using a tube. Eyes are not necessary but I've placed some on just for aesthetics.