Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fly Candy

Flies from James Durbins collection

Poppers from James Durbins box

How many flies do you take out for a days pike on the fly? I know of some blokes that go out with boxes and boxes of flies.I even had a client last year arrive with over 700 flies in his box, and only used maybe 20 of them. An overkill if ever I saw one. You really only need 10 flies,15 at the most for a days fishing. I take one box of 10 flies with me where ever I go, either on the boat or out wading, thats how confident I am I'm going to catch a fish here on Replot. The fishing has been that good this season its allowed me to really scale down the amount of tackle I use,and flies has been one of them.


dave lindsay said...

great post simon tell me about taking too many flies "id better take that box just in case"

where did he get those popper heads from they look cool

all the best