Monday, 14 September 2009

The Black cat

Party wig hair is a material I have been using now for a number of years. It can be combined with others but generally works well if mixed with an assortment of Flashy materials.Its light,retains very little water and is cheap as chips. They cost just a few Dollars,Pound,Euro's, and you can make 40 or so flies from one wig.

Step 1:

If tying onto a tube leave a space of 5 mm from the back of the tube. If onto a hook then place several turns of thread towards the back of the hook near the bend.

Step 2:

Tie on a small clump 80 mm long of pearl angel hair. Snip excess away, half hitch and place a dab of zap a gap over it.

Step 3:

Take small clump of black wig hair material 140 mm long. Place fingers in the middle and pull out slightly making a tapered end. Tie onto tube or hook and then fold back over itself. Build up cotton directly behind the fold.

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 except this time use a section of wig hair 160 mm long. Tie on and fold back over itself. Build up cotton behind the fold.

Always remember to build up the cotton directly behind the fold.Tying over the material will flatten it which is not what you want to be doing

Step 5:

Tie on another clump of pearl angel hair 100 mm long.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 3 & 4 using a clump 180mm long black wig hair material.

Step 7:

Turn vise over and tie on a 5 mm strip arctic fox zonker (Red)

Step 8:

Turn vise back over and add your last clump of wig hair material 200 mm long. fold over itself and build up the cotton behind.

Step 9:

Cut 2 strips 70mm long white round rubber

Step 10:

Take 1st strip wrap around cotton and then tie onto the far side of the tube or hook shaft. Repeat for the front side

Step 11:

Pull strips of rubber back and snip with scissors. Whip finish and add a dap of head cement. I then placed a cone over the tube and eyes to finish off

This fly has been extremely productive for me this season. This black version is particularly good during dusk & Dawn sessions as well,although one can tie this fly in a multitude of colours depending on the colour party wig you buy. I'm yet to find a better material than this that has the action this material has under the water.