Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tight arse tying materials!

I hate paying top dollar for shit when I know I can get it for peanuts.All it takes is a bit of time, and a will to find,out of the way material suppliers and you can save yourselves untold amounts of money.I tracked down a billfish lure manufacturer in Durban the other day and bagged myself these two meter long belts of Pink and white chinese cock hackles for R200 which at the current exchange rate is approx €20, which in my eyes is a massive saving.

The same goes for these three flash materials as well. I bagged 2 meter lengths of chartreuse, Pink & Pearl white for a total of R30 around €3,00 for the lot.........result!


Anonymous said...

Hi There

Can I ask who sold you the material. I live in Durban and make billfish flies, some of that material may come in handy.
Mail me on