Saturday, 11 February 2012

Monic fly lines

Been very very impressed with these two Monic lines I was sent by Easyfly to try out while I was over here. The one on the left is the Monic 100ft Light green "INTERMEDIATE SINK WF 10s" Which I've been using with the Airflow 9" 10# & the one on the right the "Monic 100ft TROPICAL SEAMLESS PT FLOURESCENT GREEN WF6 F" with my new Hardy proaxis 9" 6#. Both have been truly wonderful to cast. I'll chat about these once I'm back in Finland at the end of the month as I still have 3 weeks left of fishing here with them.


Luís Hurlé said...

Helo Simon.
I have used the Monic Phantom tip. Is a floating line whit the first transparent meters. I like this line. Is very discreet and cast it very well, same an intermediate line, but this is floating and I like the floating lines for pike river fishing.